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Make every interaction matter.

From YC Startups finding product-market fit, to international non-profits testing new channels, Savvy helps teams of all sizes understand, create and analyse their call-to-action flows.

Traditional Call to Actions act like islands

You know the drill. You come up with a marketing or product idea so you create a form to capture interest. Now you need to drive traffic to it so you run ads, send out emails and write blog posts. You try your best to wire them all together to see what's working but don't truly know what's going on and why.

Introducing the System of Action

Replace separate CTA 'islands' with a set of end-end interactions. A System of Action allows you to orchestrate Call to Actions across your different channels and tools.

Understand which company clicked on your LinkedIn ad and ended up on your website, then invite them to a custom Webinar based on their role and website activity and how they react to an ad. All without needing to code.

How it works


Create your CTA

Decide who you want to attract and what actions you want them to take. Audience orchestration empowers you to reach users across different channels from a single place.

Get started in minutes with pre-built templates, live use cases you can copy or talk to a Savvy Success team member to get a flow built from scratch.


Write rules without code

Define logic and routing without needing to know code or create zaps. Use first and third party data to decide what happens next for every user across every app and channel.


Go live

Embed your new smart CTAs inside of your website or app or share them directly via emails and social channels.

You'll see live data appearing in minutes, allowing you to adjust your strategy. If you need additional help, our team are always on hand to help get things setup for you.


Analyze and improve

View every interaction a user has across your CTAs, measure results, A/B split test and get daily updates on how to improve.

Features of a System of Action

No-code CTAs

Add dynamic CTAs like this lead capture form in just a few clicks. A/B tests, personalisation and optimisation happen automatically out of the box, driving higher conversions.

'The companies that test their assumptions with their users the fastest learn the most and therefore win.

Savvy is a single place where you can plan, co-ordinate and review your ideas across the different tools and markets you're testing.'

Dalton Caldwell

Partner and Head of Admissions

For Account Based Marketing

Tailor specific experiences like who gets the demo and who joins the waiting list without needing complicated lead scoring.

For SMB Sales

Create personalised touch-points with interactive content that dynamically changes based on user need.

For B2C

Scale to millions of users with rich experiences that go viral, build trust and convert at scale.

Real-time suggestions

With a live view into how all of your CTAs are performing across tools, real-time suggestions help you improve based on your goals with inbuilt coaching and AI suggest.

'We use Savvy to setup CTA ideas in hours not days.

That's vital when the world changes so quickly and you need a single place to co-ordinate across tools and channels to keep ahead.'

Kevin Wu

co-Founder, Basis Board

For idea validation

Add a smart CTA to your website or app and Savvy will suggest ways to attract, convert and validate your audience.

For optimising processes

Combine multiple smart CTAs and channels to learn which combination drives positive ROI and which don't.

For scaling processes

Map out your CTAs across tools and see where your bottlenecks are. Then get Savvy to help scale them for you programatically.

Daily Inbox

Get a tailored view of actions you need to take delivered to you every morning. Whether its' sending crafted outbound emails to drive traffic to your smart CTA or suggestions on ad tweaks, this is the place to go.

'As two technical founders with a solution that has a broad range of applications, we wanted a scientific way of figuring out which market to go after first.

Savvy helped us get there faster than we could by ourselves and was more affordable and flexible than hiring a full growth team.'

Ranko Sredojevic

CEO & co-Founder

For inbound sales

Savvy sorts through incoming leads and assigns them in real-time to team members based on logic and AI. Never let a lead slip through the cracks again.

For outbound sales

Wake up each day to a personalised, enriched list of contacts to send an email CTA to. Savvy uses response data to create lookalike audiences in realtime.

For customer success

Map out entire customer journeys and create triggers, actions and tasks based on what the user needs. Let them contact you directly with embedded smart CTAs right from within your product.

Code free automation

Map out entire CTA Workflows across apps and teams without needing to code. Tell Savvy the end state and the data you need to know and it'll handle the rest.

'Savvy helps us scale all of our sales and marketing efforts without increasing headcount.

I can go from an idea to an ideal flow mapped out without bothering engineering. It's great!'

Andrew Antos

CEO & co-Founder

Add or remove services

Savvy is agnostic to the tools you use. Feel free to add or remove as many as you like, we'll keep the data flowing.

Rapid experimentation

Want to know if Webinars or Video Demos convert best? Add both and Savvy will tell you in days, not months.

Custom integrations

Sync Savvy up with custom databases or instances in other apps for total data coverage through our extensible API.

End-end analytics

Go beyond the analytics a single provider can give you. Combine data from Google Analytics and LinkedIn to view the results of your LI Ad spend or create custom view in seconds based on your recent ABM push.

'We use Savvy to go from an idea at 11am to results in our inbox at 3pm, the next day.

Their speed and flexibility means we can respond rapidly to changing public opinions, maximising our impact.'

David Malcolm

Head of Policy and Campaigns

Simple, custom reports

Tell Savvy the questions you need answering and it'll serve up the data you need. Minus the tabs.

No code required

Add, edit and remove services and data points without bugging your engineers. The power rests with you.

Add custom requests

Can't find what you're looking for? Savvy can create and show pretty much any custom report you need. Just ask (using a Savvy CTA of course)


Go from idea to results, fast.