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Like a browser.
But so much more.

The browser has barely changed since it was invented three decades ago. But the way we work online has evolved beyond recognition.

Savvy is built for people who use their browser like an operating system, filled with the work apps they use every day. No more disorganised tab hopping. Search inside multiple apps from one search bar, automate key tasks and stay organised with intelligent lists.

Stay organised

All your work apps, data, contact, tasks and more now live in one space dedicated to work.

Find anything

Find people, files, apps and more from one search bar. Connect what you need and get answers in seconds.

Generate data

Generate lead lists, enrich profiles and organise process with functions built directly into Savvy.

Automate tasks

Save hours every week by automating the manual tasks you currently have to remember to do everyday.

Acquire customers

Create lead lists, turn annoymous visitors into leads and view rich profiles on every customer so you can prospect and close your news leads faster, with the complete picture to hand.

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Engage Customers

Keep your customer happier for longer by personalising their experience. Realtime information from across your internal and external apps helps you inform and delight your customers.

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Support Customers

Be known for being responsive by keeping organised and in control of your customer information. Setup alerts and boards for support requests and customers likely to stop paying.

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Control all the information you use to get work done.

All your work apps, browser tabs, data, contacts, tasks and more now live in one space dedicated to work.


Generate the data you need to get the job done.

Generate lead lists, enrich profiles and organise process with functions built directly into Savvy.


Automate tasks to find more time in your calendar.

Save hours every week by automating the tasks you currently have to remember to do and do manually.


Find an answer to your question in seconds.

Find people, files, apps and more from one search bar. Connect the tools you use everyday and save hours every week.

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create your OWN workspace

Tabs, apps and tasks.
With you in control.

Finally, your apps have a home, accessible instantly from the sidebar. Save tabs by task and free up the clutter of long lines of open tabs. And access everything from a single smart omni-search bar.

The most powerful navigation the web has ever seen.

Savvy Terminal is a one-stop shop for navigating your work life. Use it to switch effortlessly between the apss you use for work. Access deep search into emails, files, contacts and more. Use the preview pane for instant answers to questions, without ever having to wait for a webpage to load.

Apps where you need them

Keep everything open without slowing down your computer or clogging up your tab bar. Our powerful keyboard shortcuts let you navigate at twice the speed.

Tabs are under control

Always leaving tabs open to remind you to complete a task? With Savvy, sending a tab to a project or task is so easy, you'll never have tab-overload again.

Quick access to anything

Glancing at a contact, email or file is easy inside Savvy with the Instant Preview Pane. View documents and sites side-by-side with Split View.

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With task automation built-in,
you'll complete tasks like a pro

Use Savvy Skills to automate repeat, manual or low value tasks. With a simple command in Savvy Terminal you can do things like turn a list of contacts into prospects or setup intelligent reminders for when you need to follow-up with someone. The sky's the limit.

The assistant you've always wanted. Now living right where you work.

By replacing streams of tabs with intelligent skills, Savvy turns the mundane and time consuming tasks you do everyday into revenue generating and time creating machines. Simply pick the skill you want to use and watch as it cuts hours out of repeat work per week.

People Skill

Search multiple apps information isntantly. Type the name of the person and Savvy will search all of your systems (and the web), generating a complete profile of that person.

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Lead gen Skill

Find, qualify and gather intelligence on your ideal customers all without a million tabs open. Go from ideal customer profile to daily lead lists directly inside of Savvy.

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Research Skill

Search multiple websites at the toiuch of a button. Perfect for prospecting, candidate research, lead generation and more.

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50 + third party apps supported

From Gmail to Buffer and from Intercom to AWS, we have the apps you use everyday already to use inside of Savvy. Simply select the services you use, login with your credentials and get back to work in minutes. Want to add your own site? You can do that right out of the box.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this all cost?

$150 per month per seat. Most startups (pre-Series A) have a maximum of 3 seats. There is a 30-Day money back guarantee and for Preview Access customers a very high credit limit which means near limitless leads. It's the most affordable lead generation service in the world because it's built on its' own browser.

How do I get access?

Click on any 'Reserve my space' button and you'll be able to pick a date and time to see a demo and get setup. If it looks like we're a good fit for each other then we'll reserve your space and take payment.

Why isn't this free?

To keep you supported on your journey we need to make money which we reinvest to make Savvy even better. We refuse to sell your data and hate ads as much as you do. So we're targetting that section of traditional browser users who want their tooling to get work done twice as fast as everyone else.

Who uses this?

Savvy is primarily used by B2B SaaS companies, Biotech companies and marketing agencies. If you sell/interact with businesses or you're thinking of selling to businesses then we're likely right for you.

What is Savvy?

Savvy is part browser, part workspace. It's a desktop application that does tasks for you (like list building) whilst keeping you organised and focussed at work.

I have a different question

We'd love to answer it. Please email one of our founders directly on