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Our mission at Savvy is to build tools to help people probe and understand their world.

We're the UK's (and Europes' second) largest provider of independent voting advice, informing over 3 million voters. We use our technology to help people make more informed choices through partnerships, products and integrations.

Say hello to Savvy Time

(and to that extra day)

You install

Our secure, non intrusive Chrome extension counts how many times you visit work related apps/websites and for how long. If it isn't on this list, we don't capture it. Period.

We analyse

Savvy intelligently and securely analyses the sites you were on and recommended how you could save time, effort and stress by making your workflows more efficient via a weekly email.

You improve

Savvy then gives you a weekly digest of where you spent your time, tips and tricks to improve and tools to make your work life more pleasant and productive.

Just think about the tasks you do everyday that require knowledge...

😤 The old way.

1. Search internal docs and internal wiki for privacy policy
2. Ask colleagues on Slack or email
3. Maybe shoulder tap just to be sure
4. Somehow verify what you find is up to date
5. Copy the information into the email and format it correctly
6. Search again but this time for the subscription policy
7. Filter through search results across multiple apps
8. Ask colleagues on Slack or email (again)
9. Ask Sue across the office who always seems to know
10. Drop another Slack message just to be sure
11. Copy the information into the email and format it correctly
12. Search again, this time for 'discount policy'
13. Crawl through another stack of docs dating back to 2014
14. Do one final round robin to triple check everything
15. Read the email, click send, wait to see if it was right

Total time spent answering 1 EMAIL the old way :
6 minutes 36 seconds

🎉 The Savvy way.

Savvy Click the Savvy button
🔮 Savvy surfaces the content you need from within your existing knowledge using a combination of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
😎 Copy the cards you want into your email and reply

🎉 Total time spent answering 1 email with Savvy:
46 seconds 🎉

😤 The old way.

1. Post a message in Slack
2. Wait for someone to see it and respond
3. Go through the responses and random GIFs
4. Locate the information from the responses and open up tabs
5. Click on the bunch of links to outdated sources
6. Post again in Slack to check what version you're after
7. Try and find the wiki whilst you wait for replies
8. find your manager because they always seem to know
9. Looks like they're on a call so might have to wait a while
10. Responses back in Slack vary in age from 2013 to yesterday
11. Try and ask manager again
12. Google search and browse '225,000' known results in 0.002 seconds
13. Manager responds with a link but 'isn't sure'
14. Copy and paste the content into the email
15. Send and hope for the best

Total time spent answering 1 QUESTION the old way :
6 minutes 36 seconds

🎉 The Savvy way.

 @Savvy on Slack and ask 'Who are MACE?'
🔮 Savvy magically surfaces the content you need
😎 Copy the cards you want into your email and reply

🎉 Total time spent answering 1 email with Savvy:
1 minute and 6 seconds 🎉

😤 The old way.

1. Visit their website and have a quick read
2. Open up social media links and their blog
3. Check out Crunchbase, Companies House and Google News
4. Research their market, competitors, positioning and needs
5. Make notes in some form of doc or CRM
6. Try and make said notes viewable and searchable on a call
7. Pick up the phone and dial the number /drop them an email
8. Customer responds with questions but you have tons of tabs open
9. You try typing questions into Slack for team mates to answer but they take time to reply
10. You say you'll 'get back' to the customer soon.
11. Call over, initiative lost.

Total time spent answering 1 QUESTION the old way :
21 minutes 42 seconds

🎉 The Savvy way.

Savvy Click the Savvy button
🔮 Savvy then automatically searches data sources, social media, blogs, content on the page and more.
📗 Playbook generated that lives where you work
📞 Make the call

🎉 Total time spent answering 1 email with Savvy:
1 minute and 6 seconds 🎉

Do I have to re-write my content?

No. This is how it works...

We import your exisitng content...

Savvy has a custom built AI that reads, condenses and links together all your existing content. We'll even tell you where we pulled it from and when.

We created Savvy because we were frustrated with the solutions that were currently on the market. We didn't want to 're-write' anything, we just wanted everything we had searchable across all platforms.

... then you use it.

All of your content is managed through your view own dashboard. From there you can tell us where to pull content from, edit/delete content, view analytics and SO much more.


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Price Guarantee

Our long term partnerships with Australia's network providers have enabled us to send messages at the lowest rates of any Australian provider since 2007.

If find a lower rate for any set quantity, with an Australian provider using Australian routes, contact us for a custom quote.

How to purchase message credits ?

We are a prepaid service, so you'll need to purchase the number of messages required before you send out your message. You can purchase messages credits at any time, once you have created and logged into your account.

Our election collection

Browse through our previous election tools or get in touch to build your own, we'd love to hear from you!

Italian Election 2018

A small team of volunteers contacted Savvy to help them build, test and ship an independent tool for the upcoming Italian election.

TBC (it's happening now!)

General Election 2017

Officially the most used and shared voting tool in the UK, GE2017 has become the benchmark for voting tools around the world.

2,500,000 + users 🎉

EU Referendum 2016

Built by a group of University of Exeter Students who leveraged the Savvy card framework to scale a product from 0 - 650,000 users in just 5 weeks.

650,000 + users

Do you read the page?

No. Savvy can only look at the URL of the page and that's it. If it doesn't match the list it forgets it instantly. Click to see the list.

Is Savvy secure?

Very. Our extension is built using licensed APIs maintained by trusted brands like Google. All information is kept using bank grade security protocols.

Why should I trust you?

We've spent years building secure products used by millions of people including LBC, 38 Degrees, UniLad and Ordnance Survey.

GE2015, local and student elections

Starting off as a side project for our 18 year old co-Founder (Matt) at University, TickBox redefined how election products were built, tested and deployed.

450,000 + users

What do I get?

You'll receive a weekly summary of the main work apps you use, how much time you send searching and tips to improve.

Scottish Referendum 2014

 Led by a former employee, the 'Scotland Decides' tool was our first referendum attempt. We added and tested new features to better the experience inc. a voting power matrix.

80,000 + users

Your election?

Got an election coming up and want your own tool? Email

We provide the tech stack, know-how and insights to build independent tools that millions use and love.

What sites do you track?

We've made the list of websites we track public.

It can be found by clicking here.

Is Savvy Time free?

Yes, Savvy Time is 100% FREE.

We don't ask for any payment information at all.

Our Platform

Secure and private by design

Information security is a top priority at Savvy. We follow all SOC2 best practices to ensure excellence in each of the AICPA’s five trust service principles. Our globally-distributed data centre partners are ISO27001, SOC2 and PCI DSS compliant.

Read more about our policy here >

We've been fortunate enough that these people decided to write about what we've done.

Knowledge workers spend a day a week looking for the information they need to do their job

Read the McKinsey Report >

A typical knowledge worker spends 7 minutes finding an answer to a single question

Read the Oracle Report >

Switching contexts kills productivity - here's how to fix it

Read the Business Insider Report >
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