The building blocks that power Savvy

Our mission at Savvy is to help people probe and understand their world. That means building cutting edge tools that power our 'instant knowledge' platform. It's like knowledge management but for the 21st Century.

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Search across all your work apps from one place

Our powerful search features are at the heart of what Savvy does. Savvy can return files but also extracts from within files as well as unique app searches like bug cards, Trello boards and emails from Gmail.

General search in action

Content Categories keep things organised

SAVE times with in app editing

Edit an app without leaving Savvy

80% of our interactions with work apps are simple requests to read or write information. For certain tools, you can do that within Savvy, saving you countless hours every month.

stay focussed

Lives where you work

As a browser extension, Slack bot and Web app, Savvy brings the knowledge you need to do your job to you. No need to have dozens of tabs open or endlessly scroll through yet another cloud app, Savvy act as a single place to query all of your knowledge.

Install confidence in your workflow

Powerful verification flows keep things on track

Reduce shoulder taps, incorrect messaging and declining sales productivity by giving your team trusted content they can act on. Your team have increased confidence in the knowledge they find and ask fewer repeat questions to team members.

Robust security on the world's first and only
instant knowledge platform

Privacy and Security

Savvy is hosted on AWS, the worlds leading cloud storage solution powered by Amazon. We have advanced security protocols, robust APIs and powerful filters that mean no person (even within Savvy) can view the content passing through our platform.
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Roles and Permissions

Savvy respects the hierarchy of your team and the way you've configured your apps. When you connect a service, you tell us what you'd like to happen with each app. Only want one file to be connected in your whole Google Drive? No problem.

Got sales content spread across docs and sheets?

Consolidate it into an interactive, personalised playbook that your sales reps will actually use.
We'll even help you write it.

⚡️Add-on for Sales


Interactive and personalised playbooks your sales reps will actually want to use, delivered directly into their workflow.

Explore other roles

Get hours of your week back

Don't waste your precious time trying to find a file, scrolling through a spreadsheet or looking up an email address.

Use Savvy to:
- locate files without leaving your workflow,
- query spreadsheets without visiting them,
- give team members an easy way to find answers themselves

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Answer questions faster with less effort

Getting the answer fast and getting it right use to be hard. Now it's not. 

Use Savvy to:
- search through all support docs in seconds,
- trust what you find with built in verification,
- create knowledge on the fly without leaving your task
- close the feedback loop with product by seeing bugs and features tracked in real time

Move fast and sell more confidently

Savvy gives you the sales knowledge and assets you need directly within your workflow.

Use Savvy to:
- surface key material such as playbooks, battlecards and case studies
- trust what you find with powerful built in verification flows
- track how the material you share affects the bottomline,
- have everything right where you work so you don't waste time searching

Ready to get instant knowledge?

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Finding the right information you need to do your job can feel impossible.

Your team is smart so they use different tools to different jobs. But these tools create silos of information and searching them is impossible.


Self service knowledge for your entire team.

Savvy connects to your work apps like Google Drive, GMail and Trello and gives you the power to search and edit all of them in plain English in Slack, via a browser extension and a web app. 

Example usecase: Completing the website re-brand

Ask Savvy the same way you'd ask a team mate.

Savvy responds in natural language, answers in milliseconds and can't get distracted.

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Create your own content and/or connect Savvy to existing knowledge bases with our one-click integrations

Create your own

Create knowledge on the fly via our Slack bot, chrome extension and web app. It's like having a post-it note that's instantly searchable, trusted and accessible wherever you work.

Connect securely to existing content

Connect Savvy to your existing content using trusted and secure integrations and make your content searchable from wherever you work.

Get answers from your teams' knowledge,
wherever you work

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Savvy's powerful Slack integration allows you to ask Savvy directly via a Slack DM, '@Savvy' in a channel and even react to a post to save it.

Now open for early access 🎉

Browser extension

Use our browser extension to search for the information you need, right where you're working. No more tab hopping, endless windows or back and forth messages.

Coming soon!

Savvy Web App

With your very own .heysavvy.com sub domain your team can search, connect and view all your connected content from one beautiful dashboard.

It's like a wiki, but built for modern teams

Savvy works by connecting securely to your existing Google Drive, Gmail and Trello accounts to surface relevant answers to your question. You can also create your own content as well, simply by asking Savvy.

Example: Asking Savvy to remember a target market

Secure and private by design

Information security is a top priority at Savvy. We follow all SOC2 best practices to ensure excellence in each of the AICPA’s five trust service principles. Our globally-distributed data centre partners are ISO27001, SOC2 and PCI DSS compliant. 

Read more about our policy here >

Millions have used and trusted what we've built.

As a company we're obsessed with building tools that bring knowledge to the place where you need it most, fast. Over the past few months our 'Savvy Cards' have helped millions become more informed about the world they live in through our election and media tools. Collectively over 2.5 million people have used what we've built, so you can have total peace of mind when it comes to using Savvy.

So far, Savvy cards have been used by over...

2.5 million + 

unique people in 40+ countries

Is it worth investing in knowledge management?
They think so.

Knowledge workers spend a day a week looking for the information they need to do their job

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A typical knowledge worker spends 7 minutes finding an answer to a single question

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Switching contexts kills productivity - here's how to fix it

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