The browser for work that
generates leads for you.
Use this Savvy lead gen stack to get your own daily list of leads, delivered straight to your inbox.

The daily email includes the company, role, name, contact details and more of your ideal customers, pulled from people that visit your website and people Savvy finds for you.
You can then prospect them and download the .csv to use however you want.

Starting at $8 per day. 14 day full money back guarantee.

Trusted by builders of all shapes and sizes

Video: 'Which specific companies visited my website this week'

Here's how it works

Step 1

Connect source

Install a tracking code on your website that automatically looks at the IP address of a website visitor and turns it into a company.
Step 2

We enrich the data

Savvy will take that company name and find you the decision makers contact details, social profiles, previous interactions and more.
Step 3

Filter to your needs

We'll then put it into a table that you can filter without needing to know SQL and save as many views as you like of.
Step 4

Take action

Use pre-built actions to automatically open website link, export .csvs and sen you daily reminders to check in on your leads.

Here's how you get it

Take 2 minutes to tell us what you need and book a 20 min setup call.


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Spend 2 minutes to let us get to know you

We work best for B2B companies, espcially those that sell SaaS, Biotech or services to businesses e.g. creative agencies.
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Tell us who you're after

Define the role, company, location etc. you're after

Be as specific as possible. We'll use this information to scrape the web for your ideal customers.

We'll show you which companies are visiting your website

During your set-up call, we'll install the website snippet so that you can see which exact companies are visiting your website, what they do on site and more.

Open your inbox

Leads arrive at 8am PST every weekday

You'll get an email with a list of the companies that visited your website as well as leads Savvy has found for you.

You'll even get a CSV so you can use them elsewhere.

We'll also put it in your Savvy Leads Workspace so that you can view, filter and work with lead data even more.

Data sources

Mix n' match data from our source stacks, depending on your stage, marketing efforts and goals.
e.g. low traffic website will get more leads from our in-built contact card stack.

Website Visitors Stack

We'll tell you exactly which companies are visiting your website, what they do on your site, what URL they come in on and how to reach them.
- Automatic enrichment
- Unlimited visitors
- Automatic contact generation
- Export .csv
- Advanced company filters
- Saved views

Savvy Contact Stack

Savvy is part browser so we're able to build our own scrapers to automate the info collection task. We combine this with data from more than 100 different sources.
- Automatic enrichment
- Email, social profiles and more
- Refund on contact if it's out of date or incomplete
- Over 120 variables to filter by
- Same day or next day delivery

Included in the $8 per day
Lead Gen Stack

Additional feature packages

Packages give you access to more Savvy features and are priced on a per month basis.

Additional advice

Book a time with our team and get tailored advice on how to hit your next milestone using Savvy.

Examples include: understanding customers, generating leads, creating a repeatable sales pipeline and more,
Starts at $750 p/m

Even more leads

Driving a big sales effort? Looking for extra leads to hit a goal? We can help. Get in touch and we'll figure out a custom plan to help you go further with our data.
Starts at $0.02¢ per lead

Custom sources

Savvy supports a wide variety of sources, but sometimes you want your own integration or want to build on top of our data.

Example:  You have an S3 bucket with customer data that you want to compare to Stripe. We can help.
Custom pricing
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this all cost?

$250 per month. There is a 14-Day money back guarantee and for Preview Access customers a very high credit limit which means near limitless leads. It's the most affordable lead generation service in the world because it's built on its' own browser.

How do I get access?

Click on any 'I want this' button and you'll be able to tell us about your needs, setup a demo call and collect payment. We don't charge until the leads are rolling.

Why should I use this?

We save the average worker 8 hours a week of manual data entry in a browser. Plus, we can see which companies visit your site which is kind of vital in knowing who you're missing out on.

Who uses this?

Savvy is primarily used by B2B SaaS companies, Biotech companies and marketing agencies. If you sell/interact with businesses or you're thinking of selling to businesses then we're likely right for you.

What is Savvy?

Savvy is a browser built especially for how we do work. As a desktop application, it does tasks for you (like list building) whilst keeping you organised and focussed on the job at hand, getting you through tasks 10x faster.

I have a different question

We'd love to answer it. Please email one of our founders directly on


Ready to get started?

Fill in a quick Typeform to see if we're a good fit for each other. We currently work best for B2B companies especially startups and SMB's across B2B SaaS, Biotech and agencies (creative, marketing etc.)

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Savvy as a browser alternative

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