Playbooks that come to you.

Get the knowledge you need to close deals faster right where you work.

🔍 Search that works the way you think.

1. Connect

Connect Savvy to the tools you use everyday to do your job

e.g. Google Drive, Trello, GitHub.

2. Install

The browser extension so that you can access knowledge wherever you work.
It takes just 3 minutes

3. Enjoy

Search and edit your knowledge from wherever you're working
e.g. 'Playbook for 1-10 person B2B Analytics'

1. ♻️ Sync directly to the apps you use

Keep the tools you know and love and let Savvy sync the content between them in realtime.

2. 🔐 Trust what you find.   

Our custom verification flow makes sure that you never have to worry about the shelf life of your knowledge. If it's out of date we'll tell you.

3. 👥 Learn from each other

Commenting allows you and your team to share crucial knowledge around a particular topic the moment you need it. No more endless Slack messages or shoulder taps.

4. 🤖 Savvy adapts to you

Technology can't replace human interactions. Teach Savvy which cards worked and it'll
improve over time and adapt to you, your team and company needs.

Dynamically surface content based on the situation you're in

No two prospects are the same so having the right information you need to close the deal changes on a frequent basis. Leveraging Savvy's browser extension and web app, sales reps are able to find the answer to prospects questions without ever having to break their flow.

Example use-case: Setting lead expectation

Use content you create in Slack or connect Savvy to existing knowledge with our one-click integrations

Create your own

Savvy can create knowledge on the fly via our Slack bot, chrome extension and web app. It's a bit like having a post-it note that's instantly searchable, trusted and accessible wherever you work.

Connect securely to existing content

Savvy has secure, private and trusted integrations with leading business apps you use and trust everyday. Simply tell us what apps you want to connect to, login to verify that connection, select the content you'd like to index and you're away.

Three ways you can close more deals in less time with Savvy

Powerful search 

Savvy's custom natural language processing algorithms have been trained on tens of thousands of pieces of business content. No need to remember tags, phrases or strange keywords.

Fast and reliable

We know how frustrating it is to endlessly search wikis, post messages in Slack and find team mates to answer questions whilst keeping that prospect waiting, potentially damaging the relationship. Savvy is reliable, trustworthy and lightning fast.

It gets smarter with time

Unlike Wikis, documents and spreadsheets, Savvy lives where you work so can understand what you're trying to do and how it can help. It's trained on both your knowledge and other Savvy users so it only gets better over time.

Switching context kills your sales team productivity.

The average tab hop costs a single worker 7 minutes of their time. What that means is that the internal wiki and sales asset management tools you have but no one uses is down to the fact that your team want to stay focussed and on task, not endlessly exploring all the different apps that live scattered across their workflow.

Secure and private by design

Information security is a top priority at Savvy. We follow all SOC2 best practices to ensure excellence in each of the AICPA’s five trust service principles. Our globally-distributed data centre partners are ISO27001, SOC2 and PCI DSS compliant.

Read more about our policy here >

Is it worth investing in knowledge management?
They think so.

Knowledge workers spend a day a week looking for the information they need to do their job

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A typical knowledge worker spends 7 minutes finding an answer to a single question

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