Playbooks that come to you.

Get the knowledge you need to close deals faster right where you work.

🔍 Search that works the way you think.

1. Connect

Connect Savvy to your sales content

e.g. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Confluence etc.

2. Install

The browser extension so that you can access knowledge wherever you work.
It takes just 3 minutes

3. Enjoy

Search and edit your knowledge from wherever you're working
e.g. 'Playbook for 1-10 person B2B Analytics'

1. ♻️ Sync directly to the apps you use

Keep the tools you know and love and let Savvy sync the content between them in realtime.

2. 🔐 Trust what you find.   

Our custom verification flow makes sure that you never have to worry about the shelf life of your knowledge. If it's out of date we'll tell you.

3. 👥 Learn from each other

Commenting allows you and your team to share crucial knowledge around a particular topic the moment you need it. No more endless Slack messages or shoulder taps.

4. 🤖 Savvy adapts to you

Technology can't replace human interactions. Teach Savvy which cards worked and it'll
improve over time and adapt to you, your team and company needs.


Select your role to see Savvy work for you:

Get hours of your week back

Don't waste your precious time trying to find a file, scrolling through a spreadsheet or looking up an email address.

Use Savvy to:
- locate files without leaving your workflow,
- query spreadsheets without visiting them,
- give team members an easy way to find answers themselves

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Answer questions faster with less effort

Getting the answer fast and getting it right use to be hard. Now it's not. 

Use Savvy to:
- search through all support docs in seconds,
- trust what you find with built in verification,
- create knowledge on the fly without leaving your task
- close the feedback loop with product by seeing bugs and features tracked in real time

Move fast and sell more confidently

Savvy gives you the sales knowledge and assets you need directly within your workflow.

Use Savvy to:
- surface key material such as playbooks, battlecards and case studies
- trust what you find with powerful built in verification flows
- track how the material you share affects the bottomline,
- have everything right where you work so you don't waste time searching

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