Turn annonymous website

visitors into leads.

With 98% of your website visitors never leaving any contact information you're powerless in understanding exactly who is visiting your website and what they're looking at. Wake up every morning to fresh leads, sorted by who they are, what they're looking at and how to reach them.

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automated prospecting

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1. Book a call with Savvy
2. We'll personally oboard you onto the product
3. Install the snippet on the websites you want to track
‍4. Watch as leads enter your pipeline.

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Say hello to fresh, relevant leads.

Within 24 hours your fresh leads will show up inside of Savvy. View complete profiles on each visitor and filter by the ideal customer profiles you've setup. Then, request the contact information you need without having to open up a dozen tabs.

Setup custom filters

Whether you're a startup or a growing business, you'll serve a variety of customers. Filter your inbound leads by more than 100 variables, focus on high value leads first and distribute the rest amongst your team.

Generate contact info

Been trying to close an account and they just won't return your call or open your email? Now you know a company is interested you can ask Savvy to generate the lead data you need including email, direct dial, social profiles and more.

Prospect in minutes

Turn your new lead list into qualified prospects using the Prospecting and Research skill. Save opening a hundred tabs and use this skill to automatically search the web for the information you need to qualify or disqualify this lead.

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What if I don't have many visitors?
We'll generate lead lists for you

If your site isnt driving major traffic for you yet, Savvy will make up the difference by providing you lists of contacts for your ideal profile for no additional charge. That way every month you have a constant, reliable and scaleable source of lead data all for just $150 per month.

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Set a target and we'll top up the rest

Websites with lower volumes of traffic shouldn't be held back from hitting revenue goals for the month. With Savvy if you're having a slow month or you're just getting started, Savvy will automatically top-up your account with lists of lead data based on the ideal profiles you have set.

Generate profiles

Set your ideal customer profile and Savvy will automatically enrich, match and place your leads for you.

View leads in boards

Get an instant overview of every lead you have in your pipeline and let Savvy move them through the process for you

Reach out and close deals

You'll get a complete, rich profile of your newly minted leads which means you can start personal conversations that will close deals. Minus the Googling.

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Only 2% visitors give contact info.
How many leads are you losing?

You've spent the time and effort sending people to your website but you have no idea who they are or what they're doing. Sure, you have Google Analytics which gives you bounce rate and page views but it can't tell you that someone from Apple spent 12 minutes on your site and viewed your pricing page 3 times. You wouldn't want to miss out on that account, would you?

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From annonymous visitor to $1,250 p/m deal in 20 days

We use Savvy to run our own go to market strategy. Just 2 weeks ago we had an annoymous visitor on our site and leave no email or phone number. We put together a tailored prospecting flow using the Website Visitor and Prospecting Skill and within 20 days closed that account which is now worth $1000 + per month.

Savvy costs $150 p/m per seat.
Here's what's included:

Unlimited visitors

It doesn't matter if your site has 1000 or 100,000 visistors a week, we never charge you for visitors to your site.

User segments

Savvy will automatically sort your inbound leads into pre-defined lists that you control.

Advanced filtering

See which kind of audience you're attracting by filtering by more than 100 variables.

120 Day search history

Go back over the past 4 months and see which leads you've missed out on. Segment your visitors and instantly create a fresh lead list without spending serious dollar on yet another lead gen service. You've earnt it.

Contact information

Savvy comes with contact informationwhich means you can turn 'Apple Technology Inc' into ' who is the VP Sales at Apple' complete with email, direct dial, LinkedIn, intros and more,

Priority support

When you sign up for Savvy you'll get instant access to a dedicated onboarding specialist who will help you get setup and show how Savvy can work for you.

If you aren't happy within the first month, we'll refund you no questions asked.

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built on the savvy platform

Part browser. Part workspace.
Where work gets done.

Savvy skills are built on top of the Savvy platform which is a better way to get work done. Bring together all of the apps and websites you use to do your best work and watch how Savvy helps you intelligently navigate between them, surface information you need to get a task done and automate out the repeat tasks that take up time.

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Use the Savvy Terminal to query all of your lead data. Even in natural language.

Savvy Skills take full advantage of the Savvy Terminal which is how the best teams navigate through the work they need to get done. Simply hit 'cmd + l' to open up the Savvy Terminal begin typing. Savvy will do all of the heavy lifitng, searching through apps and websites to give you the answer you need right where you need it.

Find anything

Savvy Terminal gives you access to everything from file search to lead lists. Move seamlessly between any set information and watch as silos of information just disappear.

Be your best self

With Savvy you have all of the information you need on a person before making contact. No need to open up new tabs, all of the information you need finds you right where you are.

Built to be flexible

Leverage Savvy skills to craft an entire experience on top of your customer interactions. Get alerted when you haven't replied to a prospect, group users by shared traits and more.