More customers, more revenue

more quickly.

Generate leads by turning anonymous visitors IP address into companies, create lead lists based on custom filters and get unlimited access to contact information.

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Building a startup on the internet can be needlessly complicated — finding and understanding your ideal customer, tracking their interactions, measuring ROI on spend, tab overload with millions of tasks.

We built Savvy to make this easy: one place to handle everything involved in running an internet startup backed by Y-Combinator.

IP address > Company

Turn annoymous visitors into potential clients with contact information and rich profiles. Then reach out with a personalised proposal already knowing what they're thinking about.

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Generate lead lists

Let Savvy build your lead list for you by automatically searching 200 filters across 18 different services and the web. Generate your ideal lists in minutes not days.

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Find contact details

Leverage Savvy's inbuilt skills to automatically find, verify and display the relevant contact information you need. Savvy will also enrich all contacts for no extra charge.

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Turn anonymous website visits
into leads with contact info.

A company checking out your perfectly crafted website is a strong indicator that they're considering your service. Track which companies visit your site, how often and what they engage with. Then generate the contact information you need to reach out and deliver that tailored pitch.

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From anonymous visitor to customer

Setup your ideal clients by size, stage and location then see how many times they visit you site and what they engage with. Understand which companies you attract and from where so you can double down on what works.

Automatic enrichment

Once Savvy has identified the company that has visited your site, it will programatically enrich the profile and gather all the information you'd typically collect manually such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Crunchbase and more.

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Add your own custom filters

You know your ideal customer better then anyone else. Teach Savvy which copanies are interesting to you and what information you need and it will do the rest. No more 'spray and pray' selling this is targetted accounts as it should be.

Stay on top of things

With millions of sales, support and marketing tools out there we know it's tricky to know where to start. We've put our 7+ years of building startups and given you the building blocks to create your own process that just works without needing 10 different services.

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SAVVY for lead list generation

200 filters. 200 million contacts.
No monthly limits.

Savvy can leverage it's power as a fully fledged browser to browse, collect and organise the information on ideal customers you typically gather manually. With access to over 200 million contacts at the touch of a button you can create verified lists in seconds knowing everything is above board.

Generate unlimited lead lists in natual language

Savvy Terminal gives you truly one place to query, create and share the lead information you need. Generating a list is as easy as saying 'Find me 50 VP Sales, San Francisco Bay Area, Series A or B with more than 20 employees who use Segment and Clearbit.'

Complete contact profile

Search multiple sites for information automatically. Simply type the name of the person, file, list, cohort etc. and Savvy will search all of your systems (and the web), generating answers you can use instantly.

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Prospect automatically

Savvy will provide you with all the social profiles, professional sites and competitors of your leads so that you can prospect and deliver value instantly. No more tab mess. No more untailored emails.

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GDPR Compliant

We only provide contact details we find on the public web using searches a human can do. We can do this because Savvy is half browser which means that it can search, collect and store this information for you without the tabs.

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50 + third party apps supported

From Gmail to Buffer and from Intercom to AWS, we have the apps you use everyday already to use inside of Savvy. Simply select the services you use, login with your credentials and get back to work in minutes.

Want to add your own site? You can do that right out of the box.

Explore Apps
create your OWN workspace

Tabs, apps and tasks.
With you in control.

Finally, your apps have a home, accessible instantly from the sidebar. Save tabs by task and free up the clutter of long lines of open tabs. And access everything from a single smart omni-search bar.

The most powerful navigation the web has ever seen.

The Savvy Terminal is a one-stop shop for navigating your work life. Use it to switch effortlessly between the apss you use for work. Access deep search into emails, files, contacts and more. Use the preview pane for instant answers to questions, without ever having to wait for a webpage to load or use commands to summon data and insights you need to get a job done.

All your apps at your fingertips

Keep everything open without slowing down your computer or clogging up your tab bar. Our powerful keyboard shortcuts let you navigate at twice the speed.

Be focussed and in control

Always leaving tabs open to remind you to complete a task? With Savvy, sending a tab to a project or task is so easy, you'll never have tab-overload again.

Quick access to anything

Glancing at a contact, email or file is easy inside Savvy with the Instant Preview Pane. View documents and sites side-by-side with Split View.