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One place for your go to market

Generate lead lists (including emails), setup prospecting views and send tailored emails at scale that help you find new deals, close out existing cusotmers and grow your internet business. You don't need 7 different tools, spend thousands a month on lead gen companies or send generic {first name} email. It's the best of both worlds.

Savvy is currently in invite only early access.

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Setup your ideal customers.
Savvy will provide the lead data.

Use Savvy Terminal to setup your ideal customer profiles and have lead lists generated for you without having to lift a finger. Save hours every week on list building, spreadsheet maintenance and copying and pasting between tabs.

What if I don't know my ideal customer yet?

Don't worry. Savvy is a great place to experiment with the different types of customer that might be interested in your offering. Simply put in some ideas e.g. VP Finance, Series A , Bay Area and begin experimenting. Or book a call to speak with the Savvy team and we'll help you get started.

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Reach out to your prospects.
Save hours on prospecting.

Our integrations with Clearbit and Crunchbase give you quality data you can trust such as key contact informaiton along with social profiles and more. Combine this data with prospecting views and never have to copy and paste links ever again when doing your customer research.

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Measure what's working.
Generate data on the fly.

As you identify who is an ideal fit for your product, Savvy will keep your progress up to date and in sync across all of your applications. Use Savvy Terminal to run queries like 'Most profitable customer profile' or 'profile with highest reply rate to outbound email'.

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Explore sources of leads

Turn annonymous website
visitors into leads.

Savvy inbound gives you a simple line of code to put on your website that allows you to identify which companies are visiting your site, what they're doing on your site and how to get in touch with them.

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Generate custom lead lists
from one place.

Savvy lead builder gives you all the power when it comes to creating, exploring and acting on your lead lists. Setup ideal customer profiles, find specific companies or even a specific set of contact information without needing yet another browser extension, expensive web app or login.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does this all cost?

$250 per month. There is a 14-Day money back guarantee and for Preview Access customers a very high credit limit which means near limitless leads. It's the most affordable lead generation service in the world because it's built on its' own browser.

How do I get access?

Click on any 'I want this' button and you'll be able to tell us about your needs, setup a demo call and collect payment. We don't charge until the leads are rolling.

Why should I use this?

We save the average worker 8 hours a week of manual data entry in a browser. Plus, we can see which companies visit your site which is kind of vital in knowing who you're missing out on.

Who uses this?

Savvy is primarily used by B2B SaaS companies, Biotech companies and marketing agencies. If you sell/interact with businesses or you're thinking of selling to businesses then we're likely right for you.

What is Savvy?

Savvy is a browser built especially for how we do work. As a desktop application, it does tasks for you (like list building) whilst keeping you organised and focussed on the job at hand, getting you through tasks 10x faster.

I have a different question

We'd love to answer it. Please email one of our founders directly on