The UK's largest app for civic based decision making, trusted by over 2.5 million voters

Since 2015, Savvy has helped over 2.5 million people decide who to vote for in local, national and European elections via our free to access, non-partisan, public websites. Our commercial partners including; unions, campaign organisations and media outlets enjoy un-paralleled engagement with voters during brand defining moments.

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Savvy is the non-partisan, low-risk way for brands to
experiment in connecting with audiences during civic events

Over 2.5

8 minutes
dwell time

85 + %
completion rate

33% share rate
on average

Trusted by ORGANISATIONS of all shapes and sizes

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Over 85% of voters aged 18-45 use the internet to make a decision on who to vote for. Be seen.

Every election, millions of voters take to the internet to decide who to vote for. Across Google, Facebook and Twitter, over 55 million searches are made each election. Each voter has a set of beliefs, life circumstances and goals that they use to make sense of who to vote for. We shrink that complexity into easy to use apps that millions have come to love and trust.


Segment your users based on issues they care about.

Brands use Savvy to give their users a way to get their voice heard on key issues. Understand what users like and dislike in the world so you can provide better value based on their beliefs.


Affordable, viral, non-partisan user acquisition.

Build apps in Savvy that go viral through social media and beyond. We've seen brands add tens of thousands of users at a fraction of the cost via highly engaged content that spreads because it's valuable and relevant.


Customers care what your company believes in.
Show, don't tell.

Brands sponsor Savvy apps that reflect the values they care about. Benefit from being 'known' for standing up for a particular issue or being vocal in your stance against and attract new users who share your views.


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What is Savvy about?

Savvy is built on the belief that making decisions on the internet should be much easier then it currently is. So we set out to build the most respected, non-partisan brand that lets consumers and businesses build apps that help them answer some of life's more challenging questions. We believe that human progress is slowed down due to ill informed, biased and apathetic decision processes. We want to fix that.
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