Part browser. Part Workspace.
A better way to get work done.

As knowledge workers we spend 99% of our time interacting with one interface, the internet browser. But now over 30 years old and in desperate need of a shift beyond tabs, we're taking on the challenge of building a better way of accessing, and ultimately trusting the internet.

how is this different to a browser?

It's built around tasks, not tabs.

A new day for tabs
Group your tabs together according to
the task they relate to.   
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You have a daily meeting where you go over marketing data from Mixpanel, Google Analytics, FB Ads and Twitter Ads.

Create a Workspace called 'Daily Stand-Up Stats' and load the pages you need. Now everytime you need those stats, simply type 'Daily Stand Up Stats' into the Savvy Terminal and that Workspace will open. 5 min saved, everyday.
Open fewer tabs
Every piece of internal and external information you need comes to you.
Building a Workspace
Video: You want to know which specific companies are visiting your website, what they're doing, and how frequently they visit. Build that workspace app in Savvy.

It has the power of a browser.
With the flexibility of a web application.

Automate work
In built automated tasks give you the power to claim hours of your week back.
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You have a Google Sheet of potential candidates for a an engineering posistion including their LinkedIn, Github and personal website.

Instead of copy and pasting the links into seperate tabs, simply add the Sheet as a source to Savvy and watch as it opens up each page dynamically based on the record you click on.
Customise how you work
Split screen, multi website search and picture in picture. Now for ready work.
Custom views built on top of Savvy
Create custom views around any set of information from any source.

It works like a browser.
And in ways most browsers can't.

Savvy Assistant
An in-built assistant surfaces the information you need to get the job done.
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You're emailing a customer about an issue they've had with your product. You could open up a string of tabs to check billing, product usage and their CRM record.

Or you could use Savvy and get the in-built assistant to proactively search those apps and give you the answers you need in context. It looks like billing failed due to expired card, now you know what to do.
Multi-Site Search
Search multiple websites at the same time with a single click of a button.
Instant answers
No need to open a tab. Hit 'Cmd + l' to see an answer right where you need it.

It can load any app you expect from a browser.
And lets' you build your own.

Website Visitor Source
Turn annonymous website visitors into identified companies with contact details.
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You're running a B2B SaaS company and you want to see what kind of companies are coming through to your website from Facebook Ads.

By telling Savvy to convert the IP address of website visitors into companies, you create a simple app that; gets a complete list of companies, the company name, their location, actions they take on site and what link brought them into the site.
Lead Generation App
Search hundreds of millions of data points based on criteria that make sense to you.
Prospecting Workflow
Automatically load websites, apps and more based on the action you're taking. Turn a list of companies into an automated prospecting sequence.

It has one place for all your information.
Files, emails, apps, CRM records - the lot.

Profile cards
A single pane of glass to view every piece of information on a particular contact.
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It's 11:07 am on Thursday and you remember that you needed to check on an email from a customer. Instead of breaking context and digging around your inbox, simply hit 'Cmd+l' and type 'Steve' Dropbox.

There you view, open and reply to the email and can see that he's added an extra 3 seats to his team plan. Worth checking in and seeing how else you can help.
Multi-account support
Connect to as many accounts as you like including Google, Dropbox and Trello.
Find everything from one search bar
It doesn't matter where the answer lives. Find anything from a single search bar across any app and any account.

It's designed with flexibility and
the future in mind.

Savvy Card Framework
A flexible framework that allows you to view information without tabs.
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You're working on a new set of marketing materials and want to check the brand colour is correct. Instead of opening up a bunch of tabs to check Slack, Notion and Trello, you use Savvy.

With a single search of 'brand colour purple', the exact answer is extracted from Slack and displayed as a card so you don't even even have to break the flow of what you're doing.
Integrations and Applications
We support every web app on Planet Earth. Bar none.
Improving the interface for accessing the internet
We believe that the primary interface we use to access the internet is out of date and perfectly suited to a world that no longer exists.

Acquire customers

Create lead lists, turn annoymous visitors into leads and view rich profiles on every customer so you can prospect and close your news leads faster, with the complete picture to hand.

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Engage Customers

Keep your customer happier for longer by personalising their experience. Realtime information from across your internal and external apps helps you inform and delight your customers.

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Support Customers

Be known for being responsive by keeping organised and in control of your customer information. Setup alerts and boards for support requests and customers likely to stop paying.

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