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Competitor Research Workspace

This Workspace gives you the ability to literally keep tabs on all of your competitors. We built this one internally to help us keep track of the content changes and marketing moves that a variety of different companies are making at any given moment. Keep the tabs live and accessible for those moments where you need to quickly reference them without them cluttering up your primary workspace or forgetting who is who and what's on the market.

Setting up this workspace

Step 1: Create a new Workspace

You can create a new Workspace either via 'Home' or by typing 'New Workspace' into Savvy Terminal

Step 2: Add the URLs relevant to the research you're doing

Savvy can store and display any kind of URL including; websites, spreadsheets, Google Docs, links in Notion, Dropbox folders etc. Whatever you need to remember about a competitor or landscape you can store in Savvy.

Step 3: Name your Workspace

You can name your Workspaces around a single competitor e.g. Google or around a theme e.g. Web Browsers. You have ultimate flexibility when it comes to naming and categorising information inside of Workspaces.

Step 4: Finding your Workspaces

All of your Workspaces are searchablle via Savvy Terminal or can be seen via clicking 'Home' in the top left of the screen.

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