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Fundraising Workspace

This workspace lets' you manage all of your fundraising activity in one place. Connect to your own .csv, the Savvy Investor DB and your Gmail account to pull data in and create an instant overview of your fundraising process. As conversations progress, this workspace will automatically update each contact based on the conversations you're having.

Setting up this workspace

Step 1: Create a new Workspace

You can create a new Workspace either via 'Home' or by typing 'New Workspace' into Savvy Terminal

Step 2: Add your existing investor data

Savvy can pull in information on investors either via Gmail or via a CSV upload. To bring in your existing data, click 'Your Contacts' in a new tab in your Workspace. Then add 'Source Type' as 'Email' or 'CSV Upload'

Step 3: Generate new investor data

In addition to automatically enriching every contact you store inside of Savvy, you can also access the Savvy Investor DB which lists thousands of investors and their; funds, location, stage, industry, vertical, thesis and more,

Step 4: Setup filtering and views

Savvy can dynamically update and change the view type based on the actions you take. If you email an investor, Savvy will move the investor contact card along your Kanban board programatically. When a meeting is booked, it's moved to 'Meeting Booked'. Easy as that.

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