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Multi-Site Search Workspace

This Workspace gives you the ability to search multiple websites at a click of a button. No need to copy and paste URLs, type into search bars or hunt for information any longer. Take a .csv, Savvy Workspace or any form of structure data and have Savvy automatically open the URLs for you. You can then take an action based on the information you see like send a sales email, or move onto the next contact with the touch of a button.

Setting up this workspace

Step 1: Create a new Workspace

You can create a new Workspace either via 'Home' or by typing 'New Workspace' into Savvy Terminal

Step 2: Create a list of contacts you'd like to research

Inside of your Workspace, go to 'Your Contacts' and setup a filter of the people you'd like to run a multi site search on e.g. Investors, Customers at risk of churn etc.

Step 3: Add Multi Site Search

Click 'New Tab' and select 'Multi-Site Search'. Savvy will automatically open the assistant and the URLs it finds for that contact including LinkedIn, their website and Twitter

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