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Single App Workspace

This Workspace gives each or the web apps you user everyday a home. For exmaple you can have Workspaces for different Gmail accounts, different Slack accounts, Google Drive accounts and more. Dozens of open tabs that crash and slow down your computer are a thing of the past. Search across all of your Workspaces instantly using Savvy Terminal and save hours every week.

Setting up this workspace

Step 1: Create a new Workspace

You can create a new Workspace either via 'Home' or by typing 'New Workspace' into Savvy Terminal

Step 2: Click on any of the popular apps icons or enter your own

We've populated Savvy with the 100 most frequently used SaaS apps that we know. Feel free to add one of those or enter your own URL and Savvy will load it inside the Workspace.

Step 3: Name your Workspace

By default, Savvy will name the Workspace after the app name. For example putting Savvy Gmail will name the Workspace 'Savvy Gmail'. If I wanted to name the Workspace, 'Work Email' then I could.

Bonus: Sign-In to multiple apps in Savvy

We all have multiple accounts with the same service nowadays (especially Gmail). With Savvy you can log into, open and switch between those apps without that annoying login screen. Add as many as you like into the same or different Workspaces.

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