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Website Visitor Convertor Workspace

One of the best indicators of a customer being interested in what you do is them visiting your website. This Workspace uses a pre-built Savvy source that turns a visitors IP address into a company. It then enriches that company and finds the role, email and information you need to reach out to them. Successful startups across B2B SaaS, BioTech, Marketing agencies and more use this Workspace to see who they're attracting to their website and generate more warm leads.

Setting up this workspace

Step 1: Create a new Workspace

You can create a new Workspace either via 'Home' or by typing 'New Workspace' into Savvy Terminal

Step 2: Install the Savvy IP Source code

Type 'Savvy IP Source code' into the Savvy Terminal and follow the on-screen instructions. Don;'t have time or don't know how to do it? Drop us a message and we'll do it for you.

Step 3: Set your workspace filters

On your new Workspace select 'Your Contacts'. Then, using the filters provided, change the source to 'Savvy IP source code'. You should see website visitors appear instantly but it can take up to 24 hours to work.

Step 4: Setup your ideal customer profile

Let's say you're a marketing agency selling to Seed/Series A startups in the US. You aren't intersted in random corporates in Indian that visit your site so you use the inbuilt filtering system to create an ideal customer profile. You can then export these contacts directly to your CRM or take action on them inside of Savvy,

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