Finally, all the information on your contacts, users, prospects, customers
in one place

Savvy combines data from your various SaaS applications to give you and your team a
single view of your customer

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Conversations create questions.
Savvy provides the answers.

Savvy gives you a single view of your customer

via a Chrome Extension, Slack Bot and Web App.

👤CRM - Who 'they' are

All of your key customer data in one place

Savvy securely imports the contacts from your CRM and instantly makes them searchable across all your work apps. So it doesn't matter if the latest notes are in Docs or if sheets keep getting used for adhoc email lists, Savvy can find it.
👤Communications - What they've said

See all touch-points in one view

You have multiple Gmail accounts, DM's via Intercom, mass email campaigns with MailChimp and your team mate keeps sending out adhoc NPS survey's.
Savvy gives you an instant view over every communication point between you, your company and a customer across all touch points.
👤Usage - What they've done

One view of billing, analytics and usage

We use dozens of tools to make sure our product works smoothly for our customers, from lightning fast payment APIs to event based analytics.

What you want is a single source of truth of your customer, including; how they specifically use your product, how much value they get and how much they pay you.
❤️Features users love

More reasons to use Savvy

🎯Contextual notifications
Get notified before you send the third email of the day to a potential customer or user.
👥Multi-person email threads
Want to know who else on your team is speaking to a contact? Now you can.

Don't worry, you can never read each others emails without express permission.

🖇Threaded content
Savvy understands who is talking to you and threads the content together, giving you one clear view.

That way the whole team is on the same page and you save hours hopping between apps.

🇪🇺GDPR Compliance
With dozens of separate apps holding sensitive customer data, you need a quick and effective way of finding and removing it.

🗂File sharing
Don't waste any more time scrolling through email and cloud storage.

Savvy ties the content you shared to the person you're talking to.

🎉Lives where you work
As a side bar in your browser, Savvy can get you answers in seconds right where you're working.

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Who else is talking to this person?
Connect the email accounts, instant messaging services and drip email tools your team use to see how else this person is interacting with you and your team.